CLAIM: Digital national ID to be used as conduit for distribution of Marcos wealth


YouTube channel PweDelie falsely insinuated on Sept. 14 that the digital national ID to be rolled out by the government could be used to distribute Marcos wealth.

PweDelie made the claim on the video thumbnail and title, without any evidence or explanation.

The video began with images of two bogus financial documents claming substantial amounts of offshore Marcos deposits.

It then ripped a video of a Sept. 13 Malacañang news conference in which Ivan Uy, secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology, discussed the rollout of a digital version of the national ID.

Interspersed were clips of a cabinet meeting to make it appear that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was in the same news conference as Uy.

Distribution of the Marcos wealth through the digital ID was not mentioned at all by Uy during the briefing.

Claims of Marcos family wealth based on outlandish quantities of gold allegedly accumulated by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. have long been debunked.

Even the late dictator’s son and namesake, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., denied the existence of a gold hoard to be distributed to supporters during the 2022 presidential campaign.

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