Hours before the general community-wide quarantine over Metro Manila, Malacañan Palace released guidelines on strict social-distancing and other measures.

Beginning 12 midnight on Sunday, entry and exit to and from Metro Manila is restricted; but the Department of Health may issue exemptions on humanitarian grounds.

Here is a summary of the memorandum by Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, dated 14 March 2020:

  1. Classes suspended until April 14, 2020
  2. Mass gatherings, planned or spontaneous, prohibited; essential work meetings and religious services allowed, provided social distancing is observed
  3. Community quarantine imposed in Metro Manila
    • non-essential entry restricted, with exceptions (health workers, authorities, humanitarian reasons, those going to airports, those providing basic services and public utilities, skeletal workforce)
    • non-essential exit prohibited, with exceptions; exiting persons will be checked for signs and symptoms, endorsed to LGUs and must go on 14-day quarantine
    • alternate work scheme in Executive branch
    • flexible work arrangements in private sector
    • social distancing in mass transport
    • restrictions in domestic land, air and sea travel in Metro Manila, workers with proof of employment provisionally allowed to travel subject to review
  4. LGUs outside Metro Manila may suspend classes
  5. OFWs allowed to travel to China, except Hubei province
  6. Travellers from Iran and Italy (except Filipino citizens and their families, permanent residents, diplomats) must present a medical certificate that they are cleared of Covid-19
  7. Department of Health authorized to issue exemptions to travel restrictions on humanitarian grounds
  8. DOH and law enforcement to conduct contact tracing and containment measures all throughout PH
  9. Failure to comply subject to “appropriate action.” Department of Justice to file “appropriate charges, as may be warranted.”