Supreme Court – even ousting chief justice Sereno. He was able to imprison his foremost critic Senator Leila De Lima on trumped up charges. Besides having control of the PNP, he also has won over the loyalty of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. He has indeed achieved political hegemony reminiscent of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos without declaring Martial Law all over the country – except Mindanao which is under perpetual Martial Law (thanks to the acquiescence of congress and Supreme Court. He was even able to muzzle the press and media people critical of him. He can practically do anything he likes – even if it is against the constitution which he regards as just toilet paper.

He has indeed achieved much more. After promising to end the drug problem in three to six months, the War on Drugs was able to inflict heavy casualties on the enemy – over six thousand killed in police operations and over 27,000 deaths under investigation (those carried out by the death squads). Most of these were users and small-time pushers. Yet in spite the extrajudicial killings, tons of drugs from China continue to flood the country through the Bureau of Customs with the involvement of the Davao Group and Chinese advisers. Thus, the War on Drugs continue. Meanwhile the drug lords continue to operate with impunity. The targets of the death squads do not include them, although human rights activists, lawyers and priests have been added to the hit list. Duterte is the first Filipino president to be brought before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. This is indeed an achievement.

After promising to end corruption, those imprisoned for corruption have been released and are now back in congress becoming his reliable allies and supporters. Meanwhile classmates, townmates and friends he appointed continue to use their position to amass wealth. Of course, the budget of his office as well as his intelligence fund have ballooned so many times over. He has been able to silence COA and the Office of the Ombudsman is under his control. The deputy Ombudsman who investigated him has been dismissed.

He was able to defeat the Maute group after so many months by destroying Marawi and declaring Martial Law all over Mindanao. Until now after two years, Marawi has not been rehabilitated and reconstructed in spite  the billions of international aid. Many residents have not been able to go home.

The peace negotiations with the CPP/NDF has been terminated and the armed hostilities resumed. Before the election he identified himself as a leftist and had promised a revolutionary coalition government with them thereby gaining their support in getting elected. After giving them cabinet posts, he eventually got rid of them and ended the alliance thereby gaining the full support and loyalty of the military.

He promised an independent foreign policy – free from US control and ended up becoming subservient to China allowing it to have control of West Philippine Sea and turn our islands into military bases. The build-build-build projects favored Chinese companies and provided employment to Chinese workers and businessmen who are flooding the country.

Meanwhile, majority of Filipinos remain poor and unemployed. In spite promising to address poverty there is no clear and coherent strategy to alleviate poverty.

The change – pagbabago – that he promised remains illusory. This is what Duterte has achieved. Yet he continues to be popular. This is indeed awesome. Either he has successfully fooled the people or majority of the Filipinos are simply ignorant and blind. Either way, this is awful. The best is still to come? The worst is still to come. Indeed, the Beast has already come.