Immigration authorities are set to deport an American fugitive wanted in California for assault with a deadly weapon.

Commissioner Jaime Morente of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) identified the fugitive as Peter Alex Drier, 45, who was apprehended on Aug. 5 by the BI’s Fugitive Search Unit (FSU) in cooperation with Batangas police.

The mission order for the American’s arrest was issued by the US embassy in Manila, which notified the immigration bureau that Drier was carrying a cancelled passport.

“He will be deported for posing risk to public safety and security due to his profile as a fugitive from justice who used the Philippines as a refuge to evade prosecution for crimes he committed in his country,” Morente said.

The bureau, quoting the US embassy, said Drier has an outstanding arrest warrant issued by the San Diego, California police department due to his non-appearance in a court proceeding related to charges of assault and possession of a deadly weapon. Jojo Mangahis