By John Ezekiel J. Hirro

We need another round!

TWICE will surely make ONCE feel tipsy with “Alcohol-Free,” the lead single of their 10th mini-album, “Taste of Love.”

“Alcohol-Free” steers away from the group’s usual upbeat house tracks and delivers a fresh summer dancehall vibe with a catchy salsa-like rhythm that is sure to make even non-K-pop fans groove.

The song greets listeners with a funky salsa beat and the usual producer tag of Park Jin-young (JYP), who composed, wrote, and arranged the song.

Nayeon and Mina’s captivating vocals kick in shortly after, followed by Chaeyoung, Jihyo and Jeongyeon’s verses in the pre-chorus.

Then comes the chorus, a Nayeon-Tzuyu special:

I am alcohol-free but I get drunk

Though I did not drink at all

It happens whenever I’m with you

Because of the way you look at me

Sana, Momo and Jihyo follow with arguably the catchiest post-chorus in TWICE’s entire discography:

You are my champagne, my wine

I drink with my eyes

My tequila, margarita

Mojito with lime

Sweet mimosa, pina colada

I’m drunk in you

I’m drunk in you

The salsa piano montuno intensifies in the song’s second verse, highlighted by Dahyun and Jihyo’s vocals.

TWICE’s rap-line of Dahyun and Chaeyoung also provides the song with a reggaeton-like rap part that goes smooth “like a drink made of honey.”

The fusion of tropical house and dancehall-salsa elements throughout the song gives the track its highlight blend of bouncy and Bossa nova styles.

The music video is also nothing short of tropical in what is the group’s most summery concept since “Dance The Night Away.”

“Taste of Love” is composed of seven tracks, including “Alcohol-Free” and an English version of the group’s previous single, “Cry For Me.”

It will be released on June 11.