SB19, the first ever Filipino boy group to train under a Korean entertainment company, is making heads turn with its latest single, “Go Up.”

The five-member group is composed of Sejun, Justin, Ken, Stell, and Josh. The group trained under Korean company ShowBT three years ago and debuted last year with the song “Tilaluha.”

In July, it released “Go Up,” which was written by the members themselves and produced by Lee Oh Won, who produced songs for groups like Stray Kids and Wanna One.

SB19 performed its newest single in various shows these past few weeks, appearing in “Umagang Kay Ganda,” “Rated K,” and “ASAP.” Aside from their TV performances, they also performed in Lagro High School in Quezon City.

The “SB” in “SB19” came from the company’s name ShowBT or “sound break,” according to Sejun, the group’s leader.

“19” came from 82 and 63, the country codes of Korea and the Philippines and is symbolic of the relationship between the two countries. If you subtract the two numbers, the difference is 19. If you add 8+2+6+3, the sum is also 19.

ShowBT has hinted that SB19 will be having its first concert in October. (Areeya Tatjana Ho)