Soldiers discovered and seized on Friday a makeshift bomb-making factory of the terror group Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in Ampatuan town in Maguindanao.

Maj. Gen. Juvymax Uy, the Army’s 6th Infantry Division commander, said soldiers of the Army’s 1st Mechanized Battalion discovered the bomb-making factory around noontime in the interior of Sitio Tapok, Barangay Salman of the municipality.

Ampatuan town is also the site of the grisly Maguindanao massacre.

Uy said villagers alerted the soldiers after spotting Dawlah Islamiya bomb-makers converging in the area.  Troops who went after the terrorists later on found the cache of explosives in the area.

Recovered were one round of 105mm unexploded Howitzer cannon ordnance, a 60mm mortar projectile, bomb-making components, containers filled with incendiary powder and components for improvised detonators that can be activated from a distance using mobile phones and propaganda materials.

Uy said the soldiers immediately coordinated with the explosives and ordinance disposal team for proper disposal of the seized bombs.

EOD operatives also discovered piles of the IED materials, a compilation of schematic diagrams of powerful roadside bombs that can be fashioned from anti-tank rockets, 40 millimeter grenade projectiles and explosives made of ammonium nitrate packed with metal fragments with jagged edges hidden underground.

On Sept. 22, soldiers also overrun a lair of the BIFF in Barangay Saniag of the same municipality.

BIFF terrorists have become experts in collecting dud mortar and cannon projectiles fired from Army camps as artillery support for troops chasing them.  The bandits would later convert these into IEDs using blasting contraptions attached to mobile phones.

Uy said the BIFF is known for bombing even non-military targets including commercial establishments to avenge their losses with pursuing the military or police, or if their demands for “protection money” are not met.

Military operations against the BIFF radicals in the province are ongoing against the terrorists, he said.

The military official expressed his thanks to local officials and Moro elders for providing the military with information about the  activities of the BIFF, which mimics the terrorist activities of the international terror group ISIS. Rommel F. Lopez