Taguig City has announced that it would designate “exercise safe zones” across the city to promote health and fitness as part of quarantine protocols.

The local government on Saturday helf a dry-run at Bayani Road in the Heritage Memorial Park area, providing free face masks, bottled water and bike maintenance services.

Taguig said it would set up stations for regular monitoring of exercisers, bike repairs and help desks at the designated safe zones.

Signages reminding the public of health protocols will be put up at the safe zones.

Personnel will also be deployed to ensure compliance of exercisers with health protocols.

“We encourage the private sector to collaborate with the government so that, together, we can ensure that citizens are protected from Covid-19,” Taguig Mayor Lino Cayetano said in the city’s Facebook page.

“In the new normal, it is important that our people understand that the disease remains a threat. We must all work together,” he added.

Taguig has 962 confirmed Covid-19 cases as of July 3. John Ezekiel J. Hirro