Universitas Foundation’s “500 Years of Nation Building: Understanding the Past, Leading towards a Better Future” will be held from March 16 to March 20 (Photo grabbed from Universitas Foundation, Inc. Facebook page.

Former Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, prefect of the Holy See’s Sacred Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, will be among Filipino experts on history, Christianity and society to speak on a webinar series to celebrate the first circumnavigation of the world reaching the Philippines 500 years ago.

Tagle will discuss Christianity’s influence in building the Filipino culture and identity, as well as its place in the current society on the second day of the webinar 500 Years of Nation Building: Understanding the Past, Leading towards a Better Future“, which will be held on March 16, 18 and 19 organized by the Universitas Foundation, Inc.

According to Universitas, the event will “promote the acceptance of the history of the Philippines as the main agent of instilling a strong love for the country.” 

“After all, it is from the past that a leader is able to derive insights, which can be used in forming projects and policies that respect the context, culture and psyche of the people “the lead,” the foundation said.

The first day of the webinar will be held on March 16. Renowned playwright and historian Paul Dumol, will discuss “A Historical Take on the Philippine Quest for Nationhood.” University of the Philippines history professor Bernadette will provide the response.

The talk will discuss the historical context of the Philippine quest for nationhood, which can provide a deeper view on the “defects” one see in the country.

Tagle’s talk will be on March 18 and will focus on how one can “Harmonize the Filipino and Christian Identity.”  Former University of Asia and the Pacific president Jose Maria Mariano will provide the response to the cardinal’s talk.

The last webinar on March 20 will look at “A Filipino Leader’s Pursuit of Progress.” 

Civil society leader and lawyer Alex Lacson will dig deeper on societal problems of the country, as well as what an ordinary Filipino can do to address it. Lawyer and Universitas Foundation, Inc. president Oliver Tuazon will provide the response.

Universitas Foundation, Inc. is  a non-stock, non-profit organization that aims to “to foster among its members a spirit of excellence and service to society and to promote values education among the youth.” 

The Philippines celebrates the quincentenary anniversary of the arrival of Christianity this 2021, marked by the arrival of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 as he circumnavigated the globe for Spanish King Philip II. Ian Gabriel Trinidad

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