Thirty-four percent of Filipinos thought their quality of life dropped in the past 12 months, results of a nationwide survey released on Thursday showed.

Of the 1,440 adult Filipinos who participated in a Social Weather Stations (SWS) quality-of-life survey, 32 percent believed their lives improved over the past year. Thirty-four percent saw no change in their quality of life.

The -2 net gain (percentage of those who experienced improvement minus the percentage of those who suffered a drop in quality of life) was 14 points higher than in December 2021.

The net gain was still below the pre-pandemic level of the very high +18 in December 2019.

SWS said the outcome of the poll, which was conducted from April 19 to 27, saw net gain numbers increase in all areas including in Metro Manila (-11 to +4), Balance Luzon (-11 to +1), Visayas (-31 to -12) and Mindanao (-15 to -4).

The survey also found that 12.2 percent of Filipino families, or an estimated 3.1 million, experienced involuntary hunger in the past 12 months.

The SWS said 15.9 percent of those whose quality of life dropped in the past 12 months experienced involuntary hunger.

The country’s Covid-19 situation has been mostly mellow the past year, leading to eased restrictions and more businesses operating. John Ezekiel J. Hirro