About half or 47 percent of Filipino companies have prioritized workforce restructuring amid the pandemic, a study has found.

In its “Global Talent Trends” 2020-2021 report, professional services firm Mercer found that about a third of companies were also prioritizing reskilling (35%) and enhancing employee experience (34%).

It said flexible work arrangements for employees have created a shift as employees now feel that their employers care about their safety and welfare.

The study also found that 61% of the firms surveyed were already identifying skills needed after the pandemic.

But Floriza Molon, Mercer’s career business leader for the Philippines, said skills acquisition needed to be rewarded if firms what the strategy to work.

Only 10 percent of firms surveyed planned to reward skills acquisition, she said.

The report said that while Philippine companies were doing well in the shift to remote work, “they are lagging behind their global peers in diversity, equity and inclusion analytics and insights; evolving their retirement plan structure to improve employee outcomes and experimenting with new talent models.” A.C.R. Biscocho