The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is allowing foreigners stranded in the Philippines due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic to renew their expired visas until November 30. 

Foreigners who have expired visas between March 16, 2020 and July 4, 2021 may renew their visas under the new order issued by Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente.

However, the set deadline cannot be extended anymore.

Morente highlighted that foreigners who fail to file their applications before November 30 will be subjected to deportation proceedings for illegally staying in the country. 

A non-extendable grace period of six months to file applications for visa renewal or extension was also given to foreigners with expiring visas.

“The order applies to renewal or amendment of already converted visas, meaning those who have working, student, or resident visas here,” Morente said, adding the grace period does not apply to tourists.

Morente explained that the new order was his response to numerous requests from foreigners to give them more time to file their visa renewal applications. 

“Those whose visas have expired while they are abroad should refile their visa applications if they wish to reacquire said visas,” he said. Ronald Espartinez