Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Police General Debold Sinas said taking photos or videos during the commission of a crime is risky as it may put the life of the one taking the photo or video also in danger.

Sinas made this remark after being asked for his reaction in a press conference regarding whether it was good that Police Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca was caught on video killing in cold blood Sonya Rufino Gregorio, 52, and her son Frank Anthony, 25, or else the cop could get away with it. 

Nuezca had an altercation with the Gregorios who were his neighbors in Paniqui, Tarlac.  The video also showed the 12 year old daughter of Nuezca witnessing the shooting, surprisingly not troubled by the incident.

“I think nasa mga tao po ‘yun, sa mga witness na kumuha (ng video and photos). I will not advise because very tricky ‘yun. Baka mamaya kumuha ka ng video tapos baka mababalingan ka, so sa inyo po ‘yun,” he said.

“If I may suggest, kung may mga ganoong incident, we just witness at saka ‘wag na tayo mag-interfere lalo na pag armed or dangerous ‘yung suspect or ‘yung mga involved,” he added.

If people wanted to take photos or videos of a crime or any incident, they have to be as far as possible from the scene, Sinas suggested. 

The PNP chief also encouraged the public to avoid posting these videos or photos on social media and should only present these to authorities to be used as evidence. 

“Instead of having it posted sa internet, baka makuwan pa, matamper pa. Show it officially to the investigators at magtestify ka na ikaw ang kumuha,” Sinas said.

Sinas has condemned the incident, adding that the right justice will be given for both victims.

The police chief stressed that the incident was an isolated case and does not reflect upon the entire police force.

Meanwhile, the PNP’s Internal Affairs Service was ordered to implement a probe on the said incident. 

Nuezca is already in custody after surrendering to the Paniqui Police Station. He is now facing double murder and administrative charges. RJ Espartinez