Image from Dacera’s Instagram account

The 72-hour warning of Philippine National Police chief, General Debold Sinas to the “suspects” of flight attendant Christine Dacera’s death is the police force’s timeframe as they wait for the official arrest warrant from the court.  

BGen. Ildebrandi Usana, PNP spokesperson, explained in an interview with CNN Philippines that Sinas’ statement was a “call to surrender” since they have already released the names of the suspects.

“That 72-hour is enough for us to await for the issuance of [a] warrant of arrest coming from the court itself,” he said.

“That 72 hours is enough for us to eventually hunt them down once the warrant of arrest is issued and that is something that will serve as basis for the police to hunt down them (sic) if the warrant of arrest is issued,” Usana added.

Earlier, Sinas threatened the “suspects” to surrender even without the PNP securing  warrants for their arrest. 

“This is a fair warning. Surrender within 72 hours or we will hunt you down using force if necessary,” he said.

Sinas further warned that their families must turn them over to the police. “Those found to be abetting your escape will also be arrested,” he added.

Nine other people remain at large: Gregorio Angelo de Guzman, Louie de Lima, Clark Jezreel Rapinan, Rey Englis, Mark Anthony Rosales, Jammyr Cunanan, Valentine Rosales, a certain Ed Madrid, and a certain Paul.

Guzman, son of singer Claire dela Fuente, had already denied the allegation that he raped the victim.  He admitted that he is gay and never had sex with a woman. RJ Espartinez