At this point, anybody can be a suspect in the murder of Percival Mabasa. But it is too ridiculous to believe what the appointed son of god said — that Maoist-led rebels were behind the killing to blame it on the Marcos government.

Apollo Quiboloy must reading too much about a book on the New People’s Army’s role in the Aug. 21, 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing that nearly wiped out the entire Senate slate of the Liberal Party.

The bombing helped the Liberal Party win the 1971 senatorial elections. The Nacionalista Party — the political vehicle of Ferdinand Marcos Sr and Juan Ponce Enrile — lost in the midterm elections.

There were no presidential elections in 1973. Marcos imposed martial law in September 1972 and jailed his political opponents, like Jovito Salonga and Benigno Aquino Jr.

Based on the book, the Communist Party came up with the brilliant idea of bombing the Liberal Party rally because Marcos would likely get the blame for the attack.

But if one looked deeply into that episode in history, it was really a very crude idea for the president to bomb the opposition political event.

Marcos did not need a grenade to demolish the political opposition. He needed only to sign Proclamation 1081 to haul off all his critics and opponents to jail.

Fast-forward to 2022. Motive must first be established to find out who killed Percival Mabasa, more popularly known as Percy Lapid to his radio and Youtube listeners and followers.

Did the Communist Party want Percy dead? Do the Communists have a motive to shoot Mabasa dead while he was on his way to recording his scathing attacks on past and present government officials?

Quiboloy was stretching his imagination too much. If one would listen to some of Percy’s YouTube and radio commentaries, he was not directly attacking Bongbong Marcos.

Bongbong Marcos could not have ordered his murder. He is too soft for such an act, unlike his predecessor who does not mince words in uttering “kill, kill, kill.”

Under Duterte, the police admitted to killing more than 7,000 drug suspects, most of them street peddlers, when they refused to surrender and chose to fight it out with undercover officers. “Nanlaban” became a convenient excuse.

Human rights groups claimed that nearly 30,000 people were killed in the brutal and bloody drug war, which the International Criminal Court in The Hague would want to investigate.

Like in Duterte’s drug war, two men wearing helmets and riding a motorcycle pumped two bullets from a caliber .45 pistol into Mabasa’s head. One bullet hit behind his ear. They made sure he would not live.

The style of the killing was similar to those who had wasted street-level drug peddlers during the time of Duterte. Anybody could have copied it, but it was the most convenient way of ending Mabasa’s life.

Some of Mabasa’s commentaries were attacks against a faction within Marcos political circles that have links to Duterte. Obviously, Mabasa was siding with Marcos’s wife in the infighting inside Malacañang, like some radio commentators and vloggers.

Mabasa was also unkind to Duterte in his tirades.

But what would Duterte gain in silencing Percy? He is no longer in office and could have done that a long time ago when he was still in power.

If Marcos and Duterte had nothing to do with the killing, who would have done it?

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has to do good sleuthing to come up with a list of suspects behind the Mabasa murder in Las Piñas. It needs more than Sherlock Holmes to understand the motive for the killing. It’s not an easy task. Perhaps, the killing will not be solved.

Even if a suspect has a motive, the police still need to find out if he has the capability to kill.

Let’s not go to conclusions without examining carefully the evidence and going back to Mabasa’s phone records, commentaries and the people he was with in the last three days. Did he get any death threats? He could have gotten threats many times but shrugged them off.

There could be clues somewhere on the real identities of the mastermind behind the killing. The two men on a motorcycle were only the trigger but somebody might have ordered him killed.

But please, do not conclude that the communists and their military arm, the New People’s Army (NPA), were behind the killings without any proof. Do not muddle the investigation with theories that have no basis.

There is science in investigating a crime. Let the PNP do its job.