The Supreme Court has issued a show cause order on former government anti-insurgency official Lorraine Badoy following her social media post that has been denounced by several lawyer groups for containing a threat against a judge.

Badoy, in a Facebook post, accused Manila Regional Trial Court (RTC) Judge Marlo Magdoza-Malagar of lawyering for the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA).

Magdoza-Malagar had dismissed the Department of Justice’s petition to declare the CPP and the NPA as terrorist organizations.

“So, if I kill this judge and I do so out of my political belief that all allies of the CPP NPA NDF (National Democratic Front) must be killed because there is no difference in my mind between a member of the CPP NPA NDF and their friends, then please be lenient with me,” Badoy said in the post.

The high court ordered Badoy to explain the following:

  • Whether or not she posted or caused the posting of the statements attacking the September 21, 2022 resolution rendered by the Regional Trial Court in Civil Case No. R MNL-18-00925-CV in any or all of her social media accounts;
  • Whether or not her social media post encouraged more violent language against the judge concerned in any or all of her social media platforms;
  • Whether or not her post, in the context of social media and in the experience of similar incendiary comments here or abroad, was a clear incitement to produce violent actions against a judge and is likely to produce such act; and
  • Whether or not her statements on her social media accounts, implying violence on a judge, are part of her protected constitutional speech.

Badoy’s post earlier prompted the SC to release a statement motu proprio condemning threats made against judges,

“The Court STERNLY WARNS those who continue to incite violence through social media and other means which endanger the lives of judges and their families, and that this SHALL LIKEWISE BE CONSIDERED A CONTEMPT OF THIS COURT and will be dealt with accordingly,” it said. John Ezekiel J. Hirro