Photo taken from Wiki Birthdays.

Sandara Park honored her former group, 2NE1, on its 12th anniversary as she ended her 17-year relationship with YG Entertainment.

On Monday, Park shared a throwback photo of herself on Instagram. According to Sandara, her heart is “very heavy” to leave YG Entertainment, “a family, caregiver, home, rock and everything”, she said.

“I fell in love with the hip seniors here and grew along with the company for 17 years with the belief that I could become not only a colleague but also a real family member,” she stated.

“Those years have been like a dream, filled with immeasurable memories and stage performances with my crew that blew people away,” she added.

The Korean pop star said that she felt everything fell apart when 2NE1 disbanded in 2016 but is happy that she eventually got back on her feet.

“For the next five years, I challenged myself in various genres with the mindset that I was starting all over again!” she said.

“Those five years became a great asset to me and gifted me with the positive image I have now. My heart’s greatest desire has always been being on stage.”

“It is with excitement that I look ahead to the next act in my life which could be my biggest challenge yet as I leave my nest,” she said.

“Goodbyes are always the hardest to do but I take a deep breath and take a big step closer to my dream and the people who have stood by me, waiting for me to take that step.”

She did not forget to mention Park Bom, CL, and Minzy, her former bandmates, whom she misses “dearly” after being with them since 2NE1’s debut in 2009.

“I hope to keep seeing you pursue diverse activities and pray that we will be together as one in person or together in spirit someday,” she said. “Happy 12th anniversary, 2NE1!”

Sandara was born in South Korea but resided in the Philippines in her teen years. She rose to fame and became a celebrity after winning a talent search show.

She later returned to South Korea and had been with YG Entertainment since 2004. Ronald dela Cruz