Palace spokesman Harry Roque on Tuesday claimed that the country, which has recorded 37,514 Covid-19 cases as of June 30, “won” against a projection made by University of the Philippines (UP) researchers.

“Today is the last day na pala! Ano bang sinasabi ko. Wala na po, panalo na tayo. We beat the UP prediction po. We beat it! So, congratulations, Philippines!” Roque said while waving his fist celebratorily.

The country’s total number of infections was only about three thousand short of UP’s OCTA Research Team forecast, which projected 40,000 cases by end-June.

However, the former UP professor revealed that the country still has about 1,000 backlogged cases.

The OCTA Research Team, in a newer projection, expects the country’s Covid-19 tally to reach 60,000 by July 31.

“Let’s do it again in July!” Roque said.

The country, according to World Health Organization data, has recorded the fastest-growing number of coronavirus infections in the Western Pacific region since June 16, the start of the country’s shift to less strict community quarantines. John Ezekiel J. Hirro