Claim: Vice President Leni Robredo’s daughter Tricia fell from a ladder during house-to-house campaigning.

Rating: FALSE

Twitter user @ItsJamMagno shared a manipulated photo of a volunteer falling from a ladder during a house-to-house campaign for Vice President Leni Robredo, and erroneously claimed it was Robredo’s daughter, Tricia.

“BREAKING NEWS: Tricia Robredo, anak ni Leni, nalaglag sa hagdan after magpumulit umakyat para kumbinsihin ang mga solid BBM Supporters. BBM nga daw kasi sila, wag nang magpumilit, yan tuloy,” @ItsJamMagno claimed.

The photo, posted on April 6, was manipulated. Two days prior, Facebook page Kabataang Kababaihang Katipunera posted an image of an unnamed volunteer trying to climb up a house using a wooden ladder.

@ItsJamMagno claims to be the “Queen of Facts” and “Empress of Satire,” but did not label her post as either factual or satirical.

Some reactions to the post were negative.

A user commented: “I’m not a pro Leni but jam magno this kind of post is very uncalled-for behavior even if its true (but its look like not) u shouldn’t celebrate the misfortunes of others let’s be professional and civilized people.”


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