Screengrab: Philippines Communication Society Photo 

The camp of Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo believes there is no more chance for future unification talks with opposition candidates after Robredo filed her certificate of candidacy for president last Oct. 7.

In a webinar hosted by the Philippines Communication Society on Oct. 13, Robredo’s spokesperson, Ibarra “Barry” Gutierrez III, said talks for unification did not go as planned.

“I think the message is very clear. Right now, she believes that unfortunately, the unity talks did not materialize as intended, which prompted her to actually file her own candidacy,” he said.

“Sinabi naman ni VP Leni yon diba? ‘Kapag nag file ako, ilalaban ko ito hanggang sa dulo’ so I dont think theres any possibility of that,” he added.

Gutierrez however said things could still happen as “the doors remain open for conversations” ahead of the deadline for substitution of candidacies on Nov. 15.

Campaign veteran Lito Banayo, who is helping the Isko Moreno presidential campaign, said Moreno felt betrayed after Robredo filed her candidacy.

Banayo pointed out that Robredo had initially said she had no intention of running for president.

“So when that happened, and everything seemed not as spontaneous as Barry said, but something na planned throughout, medyo nasaktan si Isko,” Banayo said.

He said he did not want to go into further detail because he did not want to “break confidences.”

Gutierrez responded by saying that even they were surprised about the outpouring of support for Robredo and that her decision to run was a spontaneous one.

“I think the vice president was very candid, was very clear on her own discernment process and what she had to go through in her speech last [Oct. 7],” Gutierrez said. -Joshua Tristan Montecillo