Image from Boying Remulla’s Facebook page. 

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla has already lost his credibility to maintain his position after his son’s arrest in an anti-drug operation. 

According to Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility trustee Vergel Santos, Remulla should step down as justice secretary due to conflict of interest.

“He has lost all credibility, not only credibility but moral right to the position as secretary of justice,” he told ANC’s “Rundown”.

“There is only one decent option for him and it is to resign. He is not serving at the pleasure of the President. You are not there to serve the President. You are there to serve the public interest,” he added.

Juanito Jose III, Remulla’s son, was arrested in possession of almost a kilo of high grade marijuana estimated to be worth P1.25 million.  He was seized by anti-narcotics operatives after allegedly receiving the parcel containing the marijuana in his home in Las Piñas on October 11.

He is now facing illegal possession of drugs charges before a Las Piñas court. Another complaint for importation of illegal drugs will undergo preliminary investigation before the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office.

With the Department of Justice (DOJ) under Remulla’s watch, critics and some lawmakers doubt a possible impartial investigation.

“If you have a son facing a criminal case and you happen to be the secretary of justice, you have no business being secretary of justice, it is as simple as that,” Santos said.


Ronald Espartinez