Red Velvet Wendy’s official photo teaser for her debut solo album “Like Water.” (Photo courtesy SM Entertainment) 

Wendy Shon, the main vocalist of the quintet K-pop girl group Red Velvet, is set to release her first solo album in April, her agency confirmed Wednesday.

According to Shon’s agency, SM Entertainment, her first mini-album will be released on April 5, with pre-orders set to start Wednesday.

“For this album, there will be double title tracks, “When This Rain Stops” and “Like Water,” a total of 5 songs that will showcase Wendy’s charming vocal tone and remarkable singing talent, as well as warm emotions,” the agency added.

One of the title songs, “When This Rain Stops,” is a slow tempo ballad song that blends Wendy‘s warm vocals with heavy piano accompaniment.

SM said the solo album will portray Wendy’s autobiographical story, and will contain “relatable and comforting messages,” such as “sometimes it’s fine to rest for a while in moments when one feels worn out in life.”

Red Velvet debuted under SM Entertainment in 2014 with their debut track “Happiness.” The group is known for their chart-topping songs such as “Psycho,” “Red Flavor” and “Power Up.” Jade Veronique V. Yap