The Philippines National Police (PNP) will be on full alert to manage the incoming long weekend as well as the nation’s observance of All Saints’ Day on November 1.

PNP chief Police General Rodolfo Azurin Jr. said during a press briefing that the police will make early preparations before “Undas.”

“The entire Philippine National Police will go on full alert status to ensure the availability of police personnel and resources for public safety and security operations for this forthcoming four-day holiday,” he said.

Around 85% of the PNP manpower will be assigned, Azurin added. 

The police force will be seen along travel routes, transport terminals, public cemeteries, and other places of convergence.

The PNP advised the public to take necessary precautions when leaving their houses during the long weekend. 

“Traveling homeowners are encouraged to coordinate with their barangay or neighborhood authorities for special security,” Azurin said.


Ronald Espartinez