The Department of Health (DOH) announced 633 more infections of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) variants of concern, with 339 of them being the Delta variant, the more infectious Covid-19 variant. 

The DOH said that the new 633 infections came from 748 samples that underwent genome sequencing. Some of the samples were taken a few months ago. 

The breakdown of new infections are as follows: Beta variant with 186 casss, Alpha variant with 98 cases, P.3 variant with 9, and one case of the Gamma variant. 

After today’s count, the country has 3,366 Delta variant cases; followed by Beta variant with 2,920 cases, Alpha variant with 2,559 cases, P.3 variant with 461 cases, and Gamma with three.

From the 633 new infections, the DOH said that 609 are local infections, while 17 are returning overseas Filipinos. The remaining seven cases are still under verification. 

The DOH added that 616 of the said total count have already survived the deadly respiratory illness. Moreover, 10 died while five are active. Ronald Espartinez