The Philippines figured last for the second month in a row in Bloomberg’s Covid-19 resilience ranking, which had 53 countries in its list.

“The Philippines remains bottom of Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking of the best and worst places to be amid the pandemic in October, as vaccinations and reopening lag despite its outbreak easing,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg’s ranking was based on indicators such as Covid-19 mortality and positivity rates, vaccination coverage, mobility data from Google, flight capacity, lockdown severity and 2021 gross domestic product forecast.

“Ongoing curbs on movement domestically, including a ban on kids in malls and other public spaces, along with restrictions on international travel also drag on the Philippines’ score, a reflection of the country’s conservative approach to reopening the economy amid concerns about its fragile healthcare system,” Bloomberg said.

List ‘biased’

In an interview over ANC’s Headstart, Interior Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya claimed Bloomberg’s list was unfair as it did not include all countries.

“We feel the Bloomberg resilience data is practically unfair to our country. Number 1, it doesn’t cover all countries… It’s unfair to characterize our country as lowest because we’re not lowest in the world, we’re just lowest among those countries utilized by Bloomberg,” he said.

In addition to the limited number of countries indexed, Malaya said the dominance of Western countries in the list further put the Philippines at a disadvantage.

“Our beef with the Bloomberg rating is primarily of their criteria. The countries they chose were mostly Western countries, which puts us at a disadvantage…We’re a developing country… and in my opinion, it’s really a biased survey towards Western countries,” he said.

The Philippines has recorded 2,768,849 Covid-19 cases as of Oct. 27. John Ezekiel J. Hirro