The Philippines is no longer the worst country in terms of Covid-19 resilience as it moved up in Bloomberg’s Covid-19 resilience ranking.

The Philippines was last in the rankings the past three months.

It “edge[d] up three places” as restrictions were eased, vaccination rates improved and the positive test rate fell, Bloomberg said.

The report also said that the country could be controlling the spread of undetected infection.

Last month, the Philippines was recorded to have given less than 73.2 vaccine doses per 100 people. Bloomberg said giving 100 Covid-19 vaccine shots per 100 people was a “key barrier” to improving the Philippines’s scores.

This month, Bloomberg said the Philippines was administering 94.1 jabs per 100 people.

Below the Philippines in the rankings were Indonesia, South Africa and Vietnam.

The Philippines has recorded 2,837,903 Covid-19 cases as of Dec. 23, of which only 9,251 remained active.

It has over 46 million fully vaccinated individuals, of which 1,267,508 have been boosted, and 56.7 million partially vaccinated persons. John Ezekiel J. Hirro