Sen. Jinggoy Estrada personally favors increasing the budget of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) to incentivize directors and artists who produce quality film and improve the production of local quality shows amid receiving public backlash after bringing up the idea of banning Korean dramas in the country. 

“Our entertainment industry needs all the support it can get especially from the government sector and private sector,” Estrada said during an interview with CNN Philippines.

The lawmaker assured that he has no plans of filing a bill to ban Korean shows in the Philippines

“I don’t have any plans of pursuing it, I don’t have any plans of filing a resolution banning Korean telenovelas,” Estrada assured.

“Ang unang magagalit sa’kin diyan ‘yung nanay ko because she is an avid fan of Korean telenovelas,” he said.

Estrada admitted that he has “never watched any episode of any Korean telenovela.” He also said that he partially agrees with the public’s opinion on the low quality of some local shows.

The lawmaker and former actor was trending in social media on Wednesday after pitching the idea of banning Korean telenovelas because Filipino artists have not been getting as much support for their craft.

He later backtracked, explaining that he only made the suggestion “out of frustration.”

The FDCP has a 2023 proposed budget of ₱245.35-million, lower than its 2022 budget of ₱282-million.

Its proposed 2023 budget has yet to be approved by the Senate.

Ronald Espartinez