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March 14, 2020: At 9 p.m., the DOH reports an additional 13 confirmed cases from laboratory results, bringing the total number of cases to 111.

Earlier, the DOH reports 34 new Covid-19 cases (PH65-PH98), bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 98.

At 3:22 p.m., the DOH announces two deaths, including one from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Medical Center in Pampanga, bringing total to eight (8).

One death recorded late evening of March 13, bringing total to six (DOH tweet, 11:13 a.m., March 14). PH40 suffered from acute respiratory stress syndrome due to severe pneumonia, with acute kidney injury. PH40 was admitted to the Northern Mindanao Medical Center last March 3 after onset of symptoms last Feb. 24.


March 13, 2020: Confirmed Covid-19 infections rise to 64. 12 new cases were reported. Admitted/consulted cases, 57; discharged, 2; mortalities, 5.

March 12, 2020: One Covid-19 death recorded. PH35, who experienced symptoms on Feb. 29, was admitted last March 5, 2020 at the Manila Doctors’ Hospital, and swabbed for testing last March 8. The patient tested positive last March 11 and passed away around noon of the same day due to severe pneumonia. The patient had existing medical conditions, namely hypertension and diabetes. PH35 was admitted together with her husband PH34 who remains confined in Manila Doctors’ Hospital. PH35 is the first death of a Filipino recorded in the Philippines, and the second since the demise of a Chinese visitor in January, the first outside of China, the origin of the novel coronavirus.

Three new cases reported, bringing total to 52.

Earlier in the day, 16 new cases of the coronavirus disease were reported by the DOH, which brought the total to 49.

Additional notes:

From Jan. 30 to early March, the number of confirmed cases was stuck at three, all Chinese citizens, including the first fatality.

On March 5, the DOH confirmed the fourth and fifth cases. The former is a 48-year-old Filipino male who worked as a lawyer for Deloitte and had travelled to Japan. The latter, the first case of local transmission in the Philippines, is a 62-year-old Filipino male, a resident of Cainta with no travel history and who frequented the Muslim prayer hall in Greenhils, San Juan. The following day, March 6, his wife also tested positive for the virus, bringing the total number of cases to six.

On March 8, four new cases emerged, bringing the total to 10. The number doubled to 20 on March 9 as 10 more patients tested positive. President Rodrigo Duterte announced four more cases in a late-night press conference in Malacañang on March 9, and on March 10, the DOH reported nine new cases. (PressONE.ph)