The Philippine General Hospital (PGH) reported that it admitted and tested 21 out of the 72 local cases of the highly contagious Delta variant.

Dr. Regina Berba, head of the PGH Infection Control Unit, guaranteed to the public that no outbreak at the hospital has been recorded amid the new variant.  

“Among the Delta cases that have been reported by the DOH, we’ve seen 21 of those cases were actually seen at the PGH. Over the last several days, we’ve been informed by the DOH of the patients who ended up having confirmed Delta variants,” she said in an online briefing.

“But I would like to assure you that despite the high number of Delta exposure at PGH, we really have had no COVID-19 outbreaks so far,” she added.

Around 300 close contacts of the Delta variant infections have been observed and tested while some were already sent home.

The Department of Health (DOH) has reported 119 cases of the Delta variant from returning overseas Filipinos as well as people tagged as local cases. Ronald Espartinez