The Philippine Pastel Artists, Inc. (PPA), the country’s premiere organization that sets the standard for excellence in pastel art and promotes the use of pastel as a medium for artistic expression, invites the public to enroll in their drawing workshops to be held on Aug. 18 and 25 at the Gateway Gallery. This is an opportunity for aspiring artists to learn from master pastel artists who are members of the PPA, such as Buds Convocar, Julius Legaspi, Alvin Montano and Roland Castro.

On August 18, the first day of the workshop, students will learn about the perception of edges, spaces and relationships. On Aug. 25, the second day, topics to be covered include the perception of light and shadow and Gestalt (shape, figure, form).

Interested participants have the option to enroll for both days, or for only one day. Those who enroll for two days can avail themselves of a package tuition. Since instruction is personalized, slots are limited.

For more information, visit the PPA Philippine Pastel Artists Facebook page. The workshops are open to both PPA and non-PPA members. (