Persons under the A4 priority group of the government’s Covid-19 vaccination program are ineligible for vaccines from the Covax facility, Malacañang said on Monday.

A4 is composed of workers the Philippine government classifies as “essential,” including those in the transport, food and food delivery, security, religious, law and justice, media and finance sectors.

Palace spokesman Harry Roque said Covax had its own priority list, which bypasses the country’s A4 group.

“Ang Covax hindi nga po kasama ang A4. Ang Covax dapat ang susunod na priority A5, iyong mga mahihirap kasi ang gusto nila equitable access to vaccines,” he said in a Palace briefing.

“Iyong Covax, ibibigay natin sa mahihirap. Iyong mga binili nating vaccines, iyon ang ibibigay natin sa A4 kasi nga po hindi natin puwedeng labagin iyong order of priority ng Covax at ang order of priority of Covax is A1, A2, A3 and A5,” he added.

The Philippines has received 7,779,050 Covid-19 vaccines.

Of the number, 2,749,050 came from the Covax facility: 2,556,000 doses of AstraZeneca shots and 193,050 doses of Pfizer vaccines.

Health workers (A1), senior citizens (A2), persons with co-morbidities (A3) and the indigent population, overseas Filipino workers and other workers (A5) are eligible for the Covax vaccines. John Ezekiel J. Hirro