The number of Filipinos abroad who are positive of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has almost reached the 9,000 mark.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) reported an additional 59 new cases, bringing the total number to 8,974 confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Ten new cases of recoveries and 15 new fatalities were reported from Middle East/Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

The DFA said 3,020 Filipinos were under treatment while 5,321 have recovered or have been treated and discharged.

A total of 633 deaths among Filipinos abroad was recorded in the latest DFA report.

The DFA has been monitoring 65 countries where Filipinos have been found to have Covid-19.

By continent, the Middle East/Africa has the most number of Filipinos with positive cases at 6,483, followed by Europe at 1,063, Asia at 729 and the Americas at 699.

In terms of the number of recoveries, the Middle East/Africa also registered the highest at 3,846, followed by Asia at 585, Europe at 470, and the Americas at 410. Jojo Mangahis