MANUEL “MANNY” P. MOGATO is Editor-at-Large and opinion writer, writing under the column “In the Trenches.” As Reuters Manila correspondent, he and two other colleagues won the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 2018 for their coverage of the Duterte administration’s war on drugs.

Strategic Northern Luzon

There is a tremendous opportunity for the Philippines to gain something to fortify its defenses. It has to play its cards well.

Raising false hopes

But he could be raising false hopes by promising to bring down the price of rice to P20 per kilo.

Leading by example: Curing the criminal justice system

But the system is far from perfect. Every step has its own unique problem. Perhaps, the reform should start from the top. Leaders should be seen as upright and dedicated to reforms, helping inspire others by leading by example.

Defeating the Communist insurgency

The military has been successful in decimating the rebel ranks but as long as the conditions for taking up arms remain, there will be no end to insurgency in the country.

Mediating the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Asean must stand together and must have a united voice in ending the war in Ukraine. Its own security, stability and prosperity as a region will be at stake when the conflict spills into the region.