MANUEL “MANNY” P. MOGATO is Editor-at-Large and opinion writer, writing under the column “In the Trenches.” As Reuters Manila correspondent, he and two other colleagues won the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 2018 for their coverage of the Duterte administration’s war on drugs.

Revisiting US role in Mindanao

Last month, in a deadly clash in Lanao del Norte province, Islamist militants affiliated with the Middle East-based Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) killed six commandos from the Philippine Army’s elite Scout Ranger battalion.

The shaky South China Sea claims

Like the artificial islands it had created in the Spratlys, China’s claims on almost the entire South China Sea are resting on shifting sands.

Washington’s inconsistent foreign policy

In the face of escalating tension with Beijing, not just in the Indo-Pacific region, Washington needs countries like India, the Philippines, and Vietnam to contain China.

Abolish the Senate

The House of Representatives’ moves to abolish the bicameral legislature’s upper chamber or the Senate could be justified.

Duterte: A paper tiger

A desperate Duterte may be a dangerous man. But with power in the hands of Marcos Jr., the ex-president my just become a paper tiger.