Even with the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) ravaging the country, the hardworking volunteers at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) continue to find homes for animals rescued from life-threatening accidents and abusive owners.

While their physical office may have closed shop during the lockdowns, PAWS has taken the adoption process online for those looking to welcome a new furbaby into their lives.

Intrepid animal lovers looking to adopt a pet of their own can scan through the directory of over 70 dogs and 200 cats up for adoption on PAWS’s official website. The site features the background of each animal, detailing their story prior to being rescued.

Once an applicant finds a pet that catches their fancy, they will then have to fill up an application form which the animal welfare group will use for their background check.

Making sure that the animals find a loving home, those planning to adopt will undergo a screening process so that PAWS can confirm that the applicant is fit to take care of these once abused animals.

Normally, this would include an ocular inspection of the applicant’s home and an interview at the organization’s main office. While their office is closed to the general public, applicants must send in photographs of their home and have an interview on the video-conferencing platform Zoom.

Hopefuls lucky enough to pass the Zoom interview will be required to do two visits to the organization’s animal shelter in Loyola Heights, Quezon City to get acquainted with their pet.

Due to the trauma the animals have gone through, these visits will give the pets a chance to get familiar with their new owner and for the organization to determine their compatibility, PAWS said on their website.

We have very strict protocols in place for adopting out our shelter cats and dogs. These animals have already been through very difficult times. We need to be 100% certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that they will be placed in loving homes,” the group said.

Once the applicant has passed all phases of the screening, they can officially adopt the pet for P500 for dogs and P1000 for cats. The adoption fee will be used for the pet’s vaccinations, treatment for ticks and fleas, and the process of spaying and neutering. 

Audie Gemora and his son holding Chanel and Bubbles
© Philippine Animal Welfare Society Facebook Page

Audie Gemora, who adopted his dog Chanel from PAWS, thanked the foundation for introducing him to his pet who he now treats like his daughter.

“My adopted fur daughter, Chanel brings much happiness in the home. We take walks together,” Gemora said in an interview with PressOne.PH.

The fur dad vouched for the foundation, encouraging animal lovers to support the “noble cause.”

There are so many stray animals suffering out there. Rather than buy dogs and cats from horrible pet farms, adoption is the way to go. Wanna learn how to love? Have a pet,” he said. Carlito P. Topacio