Malacañang on Monday said President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. will preside over his second Cabinet meeting virtually as he had yet to clear Covid-19 protocols.

Marcos Jr. is set to hold his second Cabinet meeting on July 12, the Office of the Press Secretary said.

“As he is still in mandatory isolation, [Marcos Jr.] will be joining and presiding over the meeting via teleconferencing,” the office said.

In a separate statement, Dr. Samuel Zacate, the president’s lead physician, said Marcos Jr. was last examined on Monday morning and was “still with no fever and body malaise.”

“His cough disappeared but still with very mild nasal stuffiness and nasal itchiness, therefore additional medication were (sic) given to address His concern and all other medicines were advised to be continued,” Zacate said.

“On examination, His vital signs are all were (sic) within normal limits and exemplary. He doesn’t experienced (sic) any additional signs and symptoms. His throat still has no noticeable inflammation and no signs of respiratory compromise,” he added.

Zacate said Marcos Jr. was on his way to a “complete” recovery.

On July 5, Marcos Jr. said he was planning to hold two Cabinet meetings every week so that his secretaries would understand better what his government was trying to do.

Three days after, Marcos Jr. yielded a positive result in an antigen test and had to be isolated for seven days.

Marcos Jr. first tested positive for Covid-19 in March 2020. John Ezekiel J. Hirro