A Roman Catholic bishop condemned the death of human rights activist Zara Alvarez, calling for justice against “senseless” and “systematic killings.”

“I bleed of this never-ending injustice and violence, someone closest in my work with the oppressed is murdered. I just cannot believe this continuing madness of senseless killings!” San Carlos Bishop Gerardo Alminaza said in a statement on Tuesday.

Zara Alvarez, who was mistakenly tagged as a terrorist and was imprisoned on fabricated charges, was killed on Monday night.

“Even if her name was eventually deleted from the list, threats to her life continued, culminating in this violent act that is widely deemed as another case of extrajudicial killing, in pursuance of the state’s anti-terrorism campaign,” the bishop continued.

Alminaza mentioned her active involvement as an ecumenical church worker is “worthy of emulation.”

“Her active involvement in the Church People-Workers Solidarity … always [reminded] us to be prophetic in our work of evangelization and social justice,” he said.

“You inspired me in many ways to be a pastor of the anawim of God’s kingdom.”

The bishop said responsible agencies “must pursue justice and accountability on those responsible” by preventing the senseless executions of Filipinos.

Meanwhile, a group of lawyers on Monday expressed their anger at Alvarez’s demise, stating their pain “may be dulled by time but, doubtless, would never go away.”

“We have lost a dear friend tonight, and our hearts break because of it. But men and women like Zara Alvarez, though rare in their courage and commitment to justice, are never unique,” the National Union of People’s Lawyers – Panay Chapter said in a statement.

“Zara was there to help the victims and their families get through the hardships brought by state-sponsored terror. Her presence was a constant force in the struggle for justice – a beacon of light in a place that, for the past two years, has been shrouded by impunity.”

Alvarez previously worked as a paralegal for the human rights group Karapatan which confirmed her death on Facebook. Francis David T. Perez