Official series poster (Netflix)

Netflix dropped the first official trailer for its upcoming Korean drama, ‘Move to Heaven’ on April 14.

The Netflix original series, premiering on May 14, follows Geu-ru, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome, and his estranged uncle, Sang-gu, who becomes his guardian overnight when Geu-ru’s father passes away.

The two find themselves working together in his father’s business, “Move to Heaven,” as “trauma cleaners”— a group of people tasked to clear out the homes of the deceased of their last possessions, helping those who have passed away deliver their final message to their loved ones.

Move to Heaven is based on the nonfiction essay written by Kim Sae-byul, a first-generation trauma cleaner in Korea, titled “Things Left Behind.”

The director of “How to Steal a Dog,” Kim Sung-ho, and the writer of “Angel Eyes,” Yoon Ji-ryun, head the project, which will star Lee Je-hoon, Tang Jun-sang and Hong Seung-hee.

Watch the trailer here: Jamie Louise Jimeno