The coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) infections in the National Capital Region (NCR) has decreased to 0.99, however, no assurance yet proving a downward trend, according to the OCTA Research Group. 

“Bumaba na ang reproduction number natin. It’s 0.99 in NCR, in fact less than one na siya. Pero ngayon pa lang, medyo unstable pa ang trend. Hindi pa yan patuloy na pagbaba. Di pa yan guarantee na patuloy ang pagbaba ng bilang ng kaso,” OCTA Research fellow Prof. Guido David said on GMA’s Balitanghali.

The reproduction number means the number of people that a Covid-19-positive patient can infect with the virus. One or higher reproduction number shows a continuous transmission of the virus.

David explained that the daily average of Covid-19 infections is now at 4,300 compared to the 5,100 two weeks ago. Meanwhile, the positivity rate is currently at 22%, lower compared to the 25% that OCTA presented on April 10. 

He also added that hospitals would remain overpopulated as long as the Philippines posted 3,000 infections every day. Ronald dela Cruz