Metro Manila’s Covid-19 positivity rate has dropped to 5 percent, which is the lowest since July 14, the OCTA Research Team said on Saturday.

OCTA fellow Prof. Guido David said the capital region’s positivity rate, or the percentage of Covid-19 tests that had turned out positive, reached a level “acceptable” to the World Health Organization (WHO).

“A positivity of 5 percent or less is an acceptable positivity rate according to WHO. Based on our guidelines, the NCR now has a low positivity rate,” he said.

David said Metro Manila had low healthcare utilization (less than 60 percent), low reproduction number (0.55) and average daily attack rate or ADAR (6.75 per day per 100,000).

Healthcare utilization refers to the use of healthcare services and facilities, reproduction number refers to how many people a single person with a disease can infect and ADAR is the number of new cases in an area over a time period divided by its population.

About 96 percent of Metro Manila residents have received their first Covid-19 vaccine doses, while about 87 percent have completed their vaccination. John Ezekiel J. Hirro