The OCTA Research Team on Friday said Metro Manila could ease to a “very low” Covid-19 risk level by March.

OCTA’s Guido David said the capital region had been averaging just 600 new Covid-19 cases daily.

The research team’s projections, he said, saw the number decreasing to less than 200 by the end of February.

“The magic number to achieve very low-risk classification is 140 new cases per day, which seems possible by March,” David said in a tweet.

Metro Manila was under very low risk for Covid-19 in December 2021, before the highly infectious Omicron variant caused a surge in infections.

“In order to achieve these numbers, compliance with health protocols is advised,” David added.

Metro Manila has 23,803 active Covid-19 cases as of Feb. 10.

There have been discussions about Metro Manila de-escalating to Alert Level 1.

Metro Manila is under Alert Level 2 until Feb. 15. John Ezekiel J. Hirro