Valenzuela recorded zero firecracker-related injuries on New Year’s Day for the first time this year, Mayor Rex Gatchalian said Friday.

“As of 8am today…for the 1st time in history, zero cases of fire cracker injuries…both in our private and public hospitals!!!” Gatchalian said in a tweet.

The Valenzuela city council earlier passed an ordinance banning the “manufacture, sale, distribution, storage, possession or use of all types of firecrackers” amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gatchalian said there were “isolated” cases of Valenzuela residents who used firecrackers but all had been detained and fined.

The firecracker ban also led to a cleaner Valenzuela in New Year’s Day.

The Philippine National Police on Friday said that the number of fireworks-related incidents in Metro Manila this year was down 43 percent compared to last year’s New Year’s Day celebration. John Ezekiel J. Hirro