By Nikko Balbedina

A Catholic bishop in central Philippines called on voters to elect candidates who can help rebuild communities that were ravaged by typhoon Odette.

“Choose a candidate who has a heart for the people, who has faith in God, and most especially, do not have personal interests,” Bishop Louie Galbines of Kabankalan said.

The upcoming election, according to him, is crucial for the continuous recovery of families affected by the typhoon that struck several provinces last December.

“It’s very very crucial because leaders should have a heart for the people,” he said.

“That is what politics is all about: it’s the common good. It’s not about personal interests,” he said, “the selfishness clans and all these things, I think, would not be good.”

“As we continue with this process of discernment, I hope that people will really be awakened in their conscience that their voice should be the voice of God.”

The Kabankalan diocese was among the worst-hit areas when the typhoon struck several provinces last December.

More than three million people were affected by the typhoon that claimed more than 400 lives. (