The Globe Circuit at Ayala’s Circuit Makati.

That huge property formerly known as the Philippine Racing Club (PRC) has become Ayala Circuit Makati. Why another mall in Makati?

One would expect the basic lineup of establishments — cinemas, restaurants, retail stores, food court, food carts, supermarket and so on.

Circuit Makati, surprisingly, offers more. It boasts of a cart racing track, a FIFA-size football field, a skateboard park, an intimate black box theater, a unique outdoor amphitheater for small concerts, a huge events ground for a large audience, a small dance studio, a music school, a math learning center, a co-working space, an art gallery, two gyms, two churches, and even a huge park where one can just while away time without spending anything!

A few years back, Circuit Makati opened its Circuit Lane, an al fresco lineup of not-so-popular dining options. It was a smaller version of BGC’s High Street where cute shih tzus could walk around happily. Moreover, there is a pond and mini fountain right in the middle of the lane to provide a refreshing sight and feel especially during the dry months.

The Globe Circuit events ground and park is Circuit Makati’s most welcome feature. Facing the historic Pasig River, the huge open space is an experience in itself as this is rarely seen nowadays in an urban setting.  Its most prominent structure, the unique canopy roof design, has been the venue for concerts, tiangges, and even a pop-up night cinema.  It also has a unique skateboard park, a picnic ground, a jogging path and a venue for a late afternoon zumba class.  A revitalized Pasig River ferry passing by will complete the awesome sight.

Since the mall was constructed on a residential area, children who live nearby run and play on escalators, usually unaccompanied by elders. For a non-Makati resident, the property’s major disadvantage is its inaccessibility, as it is not in the middle of major road artery.

Circuit Makati does not have the vastness of the other commercial areas but it offers an experience not typical of most malls — great indoors, but awesome outdoors. (Jojo Mangahis)