Bishop Jose Cabantan of Malaybalay. BRENDA P. MILAN

Another Catholic bishop has barred “healing priest” Fr. Fernando Suarez from doing his activities in his diocese in central Mindanao.

Bishop Jose Cabantan of Malaybalay disclosed that Suarez had been conducting healing masses without the necessary permit from his diocese.

“We ask their group to secure a ‘celebret’ or an endorsement from his bishop so we can allow him to celebrate Mass and do healing. But we have not received it,” he said.

Church law states that a priest who wishes to say Mass outside of the diocese in which he is incardinated must present an endorsement from his local bishop.

Also known as “celebret,” it is a document confirming that he is a priest in good standing from his own diocese or religious affiliation.

Several bishops had banned Suarez from holding healing masses in their dioceses for one reason or the other.

In a memorandum issued on Oct. 7, the prelate also warned the clergy and accompanying laypeople from other areas who are present in the diocese.

He said that they, too, are prohibited to celebrate Mass and other Sacraments in all Catholic churches in Bukidnon diocese without permission.

“I am calling all the clergy, religious and our lay faithful to be vigilant and cautious about their presence,” Bishop Cabantan added.

“We may always show them the respect that they deserve as persons and fellow Christians but mindful always of the law of the Church concerning the proper minister of the Sacraments,” he said.  (CBCPnews)