A grenade explosion in Makati killed one person and injured three others, the police said. 

The Southern Police District (SPD) said the grenade blast killed John Al Javier and injured his friends Junnie Boy Dizon, Jay Ar Ardeño, and Ronnie Rivas Mamayabay. The incident happened last Saturday night in Barangay Pembo.

According to the initial inquiry of the SPD, witness Miguel Cruz was drinking with Javier earlier in the day when he “saw the latter get the alleged grenade inside the speaker near their place and hide [it] in his body.”

Cruz and Javier’s other friends joined the drinking party, the police added. 

“A minute later, while Mr. Miguel [was] broiling fish for their food while drinking [when] victim Javier asked the former if he would join the latter in committing suicide or killing someone while holding an unknown type of grenade, prompting Mr. Miguel to go home,” SPD said.

While Cruz was on his way home, Javier followed him to encourage him to join in on the plan, but Cruz refused again. 

Javier returned home after that and Cruz “heard a loud thud.”

Makati’s explosive ordinance disposal team and forensic unit arrived at the place and discovered metal fragments.

 “They noticed several pockmarks and splattered human body tissues at the site of the incident,” the SPD said.


Ronald Espartinez