Covid-19 cases in most of the country have returned to pre-Delta surge numbers, the OCTA Research Team said on Thursday.

In a virtual forum, OCTA fellow Guido David said the aftermath of the Delta surge had been “reversed.”

“For the entire country…it’s like we reversed back to March of this year in terms of the cases,” he said.

David added that Metro Manila’s Covid-19 numbers had returned to figures logged in June and July this year.

“We are averaging about 600 cases per day, so essentially we have reversed the Delta surge already in [Metro Manila]. We are back to where we were before the surge in July,” he said.

According to OCTA’s numbers, the reproduction rate of Covid-19 in Metro Manila was at 0.43, which was lower from last week’s 0.55.

Healthcare utilization rate also lowered to 29 percent, while the average daily attack rate also decreased from 6.75 per day per 100,000 last week to 4.45 per day per 100,000 this week.

“I think we are in for a good December this holiday,” David said.

The country has recorded 2,795,642 Covid-19 cases as of Nov. 4. John Ezekiel J. Hirro