Filipino esports team Liyab esports (Liyab) will be representing the country in the inaugural season of the League of Legends (LOL) Pacific Championship Series (PCS) on Saturday, 29 February.

Liyab will be competing with 9 teams across Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

The PCS will be livestreamed in English, Mandarin and Thai languages from 5pm GMT +8 on Saturday, 29 February, with matches running every Saturday and Sunday till 4 April. Fans can catch the live broadcast of matches on the PCS streams, available on and on

The first weekend of competition will commence with a match between J-Team and ahq Esports Club.

Liyab is composed of top laner Lance Hernandez aka Kaigu, jungler Edrian Brancia aka DoeDoii, bot laner Eric Gubatan aka Exosen, support James Santos aka Hamez ang sub/sup Gerald Gianne Gelacio.  The Filipinos are joined by South Koreans Kang Yeong-hwan (top laner) aka Kurd and Kim Tae-yeon (mid laner) aka Rex.

The PCS features an increased number of games across a series of best-of-ones, and a new double-elimination playoff format, with top teams from the former League of Legends Master Series and Southeast Asia.

The PCS league is co-organized by Riot Games and FunPlus Esports, while Garena is the publisher of League of Legends in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. (Rommel F. Lopez)