Photo taken from Blackpink’s Facebook page.

Lisa, Blackpink’s main dancer, has finally dropped her solo debut album on Friday. 

Lisa’s solo debut album has already garnered over 83 million views a day after the launch.

Soon after, the debut was the no. 1 trending topic in the world with over 2.9 million tweets, with her fans showing their love for the most-awaited music video.

“Lalisa” is now available on digital streaming platforms. The album includes her second track, “Money.”

Lisa was the third member of the group to produce a solo debut. 

Jennie, the face of the group, debuted “Solo” in 2018, now with over 700 million views.

Rosé, Blackpink’s main singer and lead dancer, was the second member of the group to release her solo album, entitled “R” last March. The album has two songs, “On the Ground” and “Gone” now with over 215 million and 117 million views, respectively. 



Meanwhile, Blackpink’s visual member and lead singer, Jisoo, is set to star on a drama series, “Snowdrop” with Jung Hae-in.

Lisa is the third Blackpink member to make her long-awaited solo debut. Ronald Espartinez