The opposition Liberal Party has called on authorities to restore detained Sen. Leila de Lima’s rights to receive visitors and communicate with the outside world.

The senator, detained at Camp Crame in Quezon City since February 2017 over drug-related charges that she claims were trumped-up to silence her criticism of the Duterte governnment’s drug war, has been “incommunicado” since late May.

“Unjustly detained and now held incommunicado for over a month, we reiterate our call to restore Senator Leila de Lima’s right to be seen and be heard by her family, friends, and associates,” the Liberal Party said in a statement.

“The coronavirus pandemic must not deprive Sen. Leila of her right to information, vital health services, and communication with her loved ones. These rights know no lockdown and should be respected,” it added.

“The visits and communication are essential to allow Sen. Leila to continue fulfilling her duties as a Senator of the Republic, which she pursues despite being behind bars.”

The Liberal Party said that “despite being turned down for her repeated initiatives and pleas to be allowed to take part in the Senate hearings and sessions through electronic means, Sen. Leila carried on with her tasks as can be seen from her statements and the bills and resolutions she has filed.”

“We trust that the regular visitations would be restored, adhering to fair and reasonable rules, and with regard to health protocols,” it said.

“We cannot allow Sen. De Lima incommunicado for long as the world is watching and is one with our demand for her freedom.”

De Lima has criticized the government over the lack of mass testing for the coronavirus and for allowing clandestine clinics for Chinese employees of offshore gambling outfits. (