By Zeus Legaspi

School leaders of the De La Salle system in the Philippines called out President Rodrigo Duterte for statements that the group alleges his manifest betrayal of his duty to the Constitution. 

In a signed statement, the La Salle School leaders said they are “aghast at the insults and intimidation that the President has hurled against members of a co-equal branch who are investigating an allegedly corruption-riddled transaction.”

“The statements of the Ombudsman and the President manifest their betrayal of their sworn duty to preserve and defend the Constitution”, the leaders added.

The Lasallian leaders were referring to Ombudsman Samuel Martires who recently pushed for penalties on anyone who would comment on public officials’ statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).

“We believe that our right to information should be respected, protected, and generally remain unbridled. An informed public leads to an engaged citizenry”, the statement said, hinting for government officials to release their SALN to the public.

The leaders then called out to the youth to stand as one in upholding the truth and “to keep the passion in seeking it for social justice, human dignity, and the respect for democratic rights.”

Duterte has been butting heads with members of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee for the upper chamber’s continuing investigation of his administration’s allegedly corruption-riddled multi billion-peso deals with Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp.